Our Baby Room

Our baby room is beautifully designed and makes use of the room’s natural divisions. There is a specific sleep area which has hand built ‘shanticots’ for the babies to sleep in and black-out blinds as well as soft furnishings and carpet to make it feel comfortable and snug. The rest of the room has safety flooring and is used as the eating area and also the main area for the babies to take part in activities such as art and craft and ‘messy play’.

There is also a specially designed baby changing room adjoining the baby room.


Main Room

Our toddlers (2 years to 3.5 years) have their own room on the other side of the building. Again, it makes use of the natural divisions of the Nursery to give the children the ability to have quiet reflective time away from the hustle and bustle of the main activities, should they wish in an area decked out in soft furnishings. Their main area adjoining this had solid wood tables and chairs as well as their take home trays and toy cupboards, all specifically chosen to be suitable for this age of child.

Adjoining this room is the children’s toilets. Again these have been designed and built from the bottom up to make sure they are suitable and comfortable for the ages of all the children in our care.


Indoor garden

Between the two main areas of the nursery, we have our ‘indoor garden’. This area has been designed like a garden, with artificial grass, large water trays full of weird and wonderful things and giant art boards. There is a huge skylight in the roof which bathes the area in natural light all year round and the opening to the ‘outdoor garden’ lets in the wind and fresh air. The children will have ‘free-flow’ play between this area and their main room, all year round. This area allows us to offer comfortable outdoor play whatever the weather and however old the child. It means that even in the fiercest storm or hottest heatwave, they can enjoy being outdoors without the need to waterproofs or smothered in suncream.



Our main garden which is accessed via the indoor garden has been installed through consultation with one of the country’s leading playground designers. We have come up with a beautiful, unique, safe and challenging environment that incorporates bridges, roadways, sandpits, performance areas, planting, art, seating and climbing frames for everyone, from young babies to energetic pre-school children.


Pre school

These pre-school children also have their own room which has specifically chosen toys and resources for their age group. They have their computer and language lessons here too, away from the younger children, to give them a slightly more educational experience, helping to prepare them for the transition to school.