Our Baby Room

The baby room has been designed to ensure that the smaller babies can have a safe area to sit or crawl whilst the older, more active, children have room to explore and to be creative.


The changing and sleeping areas are divided off from the play areas by half walls, ensuring that any children, and staff, in these areas are easily observed – and can summon help quickly if necessary.


The Main Nursery

Children over 2 years of age have a large playroom, half of which is carpeted for their comfort, plus two small side rooms The ‘Main’ room is furnished with child-level furniture and the tables have adjustable height legs which allow us to ‘be creative’ when setting out activities! It also allows the baby room children to join in on special occasions, such as Christmas and Diwali parties


The ‘Quiet’ room can accommodate approximately 5 children and has a built-in ‘loft space’ at one end which is accessed by 6 steps. This room is often used as a ‘Communication Friendly Space’ with tents, canopies or dark dens whilst children love to take their dolls, teddies and story books into the loft


The ‘Pre-School’ room is for the exclusive use of those children who are to start school in the following September. These children take it in turns, in small groups, to spend quiet time with their Key Person and to participate in various activities more suitable for this age group. This includes computer sessions from a visiting teacher as well as language lessons.


The Garden

Our garden is divided into two areas – one half being covered in Safety Surfacing where the children can run, ride, push their ‘babies’ or just be creative, whilst the other half of the garden is, quite simply, a huge sandpit with a climbing frame and slide set into it!

We use the garden in all weather and have plenty of Wellies and Wet Suits for when it is raining or snowing! Where possible we offer the children ‘free-flow’ between the outdoor and indoor areas.


The Pram Park

We have a small area where parents can store their pushchairs during the day – however these must be ‘umbrella style’ as space is limited. Older children can also leave their scooters in this area as long as they are parked sensibly!



Parking – and dropping off or collecting – in Willowdene Close is Strictly Prohibited for parents/carers etc. This policy is due to the smallness of the Close and the resultant danger to our children from parents’ cars jostling for parking spaces, and it is non-negotiable.


However, a few exceptions apply, such as for mothers who are heavily pregnant or parents who are collecting a sick child.


However, we are able to offer 30 minutes free parking in the Library Car Park at certain times of the day – please see our Green Transport Policy in our Prospectus for further details.