"Investing in early childhood nutrition is a surefire strategy. The returns are incredibly high."   - Anne Mulcahy

Lunch time

Healthy Eating

All of our food is freshly prepared using sustainable, local produce and cooked fresh on the premises for each meal. We only use organic dairy produce.

Our meals are specifically chosen for their nutrition and taste and are very varied to allow all children to explore food from different cultures and parts of the world. All meals and snacks are included in your fees. We also cater for all allergies and dietary requirements.

We also provide healthy snack for all children in the morning and afternoon. These will include a choice of at least 4 different organic fruits and vegetables, organic milk and water.

Sample Menus

Below is a small sample of menus served on a daiy basis at the nurseries. Breakfast is from 7.30 until 9.00am. Lunch is at 11.30 and Tea is served at 3.30pm. We also offer a light supper at 5.30pm for children still with us at that time. 

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Breakfast Buffet

Choice of Sugar Free Cereals

Served with organic milk


Buttered Granary or Farmhouse White

Fresh Fruit

Selection of seasonal fruits

Something from the Bakery

Crumpets, muffins etc
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Mexican Chilli

served with Basmati rice and Garlic wedges

Sausage casserole

served with Jersey Royal potatoes;

Organic Vegetable Lasagne

served with Sweetcorn

Four Fish Pie

served with Petit Pois

Morrocan lamb Tagine

served with mediterranean vegetables

Seasonal Fruit Selection

Fresh Fruit Jam Tarts

Oat and fresh Fruit flapjack

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Organic Cheese & Tomato Croissants

Served with homegrown vegatables

Selection of finger sandwiches & salad sticks

Served with an organic humous dip

Paella de verduras

Served with a mixed leaf salad

Handmade Sausage Roll & Legumes

Apple and Sultana Pastry

Carrot Cake

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Mixed fruits and vegetables


Food cooked by the children in cookery classes

Various food from around the world

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