Toddler Room

Toddler room

Max Number : 32

Staff Ratio: 3 children per team member

Age Range: 20 months - 3yrs

“Highly effective partnerships between teachers and local schools ensure that all children are extremely well prepared for the next stage in their learning” - Ofsted

We become very curious and inquisitive as we get older and become toddlers. Our bodies change and become more robust meaning that we are always looking for things to challenge us both physically and mentally. Boundaries may be pushed, tasks may be failed and bumps may occur. This is, however, part of our learning journey!

Our Nurseries have a varied free flow design meaning that a wide range of contrasting environments are always accessible to the children, all of the time.

At any given time the children will have access to (amongst many other examples):

  • Learning about nature while exploring the garden

  • Having a quiet reflective moment using a communication and friendly space

  • Challenging themselves physically on the climbing equipment

  • Taking part in woodwork using real tools

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Wherever they choose to explore they will be accompanied by fully trained and enthusiastic staff members who will be on hand to aid and extend their learning throughout their day.


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A Day in the life.....

of a Toddler at our nursery