Baby Room

Baby room

Max Number : 12

Staff Ratio: 3 children per team member

Age Range: birth to 20 months

“Highly effective partnerships between teachers and local schools ensure that all children are extremely well prepared for the next stage in their learning” - Ofsted

Our development starts even before we enter the world. We can hear and sense so much before we are born and this development only increases as we go through our first months. We use all of our senses to help us explore our new surroundings and by using these senses such as touch, smell and taste with all parts of our bodies we begin to understand what is going on around us.

Free Play

By giving our babies access to a wide range of varied resources and allowing them to investigate the world around them, they will have the best start to a life of development possible.

Our Baby rooms are filled with light, music, laughter and love and our staff form bonds with their children that will last throughout the child’s time at Nursery.

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A Day in the life.....

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