Pre School


Max Number : 20

Staff Ratio: 6 children per team member

Age Range: 3yrs - 5yrs

“Highly effective partnerships between teachers and local schools ensure that all children are extremely well prepared for the next stage in their learning” - Ofsted

Our Preschool acts like a finishing school for the education of our children. In preschool they refine and fully extend everything they have learnt throughout their time with us. The challenges keep coming for them and they will forge great relationships with their friends - some of which will last a lifetime.

We have very close links with local schools, meaning that we can work in partnership with them to make sure the outcomes for the children are as strong as possible. As our Nurseries are at the heart of the local communities, we can give advice and guidance on which schools might be suitable for which child and can give detailed knowledge of what to expect when our preschoolers finally leave for their “big school”.

Pre-school activities-1

Our Preschool programme incorporates weekly language lessons through La Jolie Ronde. This award winning program offers children the opportunity to excel and enjoy a fun and positive approach to language learning, giving them a head start with languages at primary & secondary school.


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A Day in the life.....

of a Pre Schooler at our nursery